Easy Carved Watermelon Easter Bunny Fruit Bowl

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love celebrating just about anything (so, this one time I had a 100th birthday party just to be sure I wouldn’t miss out later), but Easter is by far the most significant time for me.  Family and friends gather and celebrate, churches have special programs, and best of all, we remember the precious gift of life God gave when He rose from the grave.

Take a break and soak it all in.  This weekend is all about reflecting, giving thanks, and enjoying!  Speaking of enjoying, there are few things I like more than getting crafty in the kitchen.  Most of you will be attending some sort of gathering this weekend, and most likely these gatherings will involve food, so why not surprise the guests with a fresh way to serve up your fruit salad?  Have some fun!

Here I present to you my Easy Carved Watermelon Easter Bunny Fruit Bowl.

What you’ll need:

Toothpicks, Watermelon, Knife

What you’ll do:

  • Cut off the top 1/4 or 1/3.
  • Dig out the watermelon flesh.
  • Cut up the top to make 2 ears, 2 front paws, and two hind legs.
  • Cut out 3 pieces of watermelon for 2 eyes and a tail.
  • Secure the ears, eyes and tail with toothpicks.
  • Make a fruit salad and put it back in the bunny bowl when ready to serve!

How to store the bunny bowl:

  • Plastic wrap the inside of the bowl and the ears and legs for fridge storage.
  • Keep the watermelon flesh and other fruit stored in a separate container until ready to serve.
  • Assemble and add fruit before serving.

If you give this a try, send me pictures and let me know how it goes!



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