Happy Mother’s Day: Special Poem “Thank You Mom”

Mother’s Day is such a special day honoring the largely unsung heroes that have given their best shot at giving us the best chance at life.  These women (biological or other mother figures) know the true meaning of self-sacrifice, patience, exhaustion, pain, compassion, and love.

Growing up, my mom had her hands full with me.  I wasn’t the easiest kid and to make things more exciting, there were TWO of me!  Raising twins has definitely given my parents street cred and an arsenal of hilarious stories (that I’m sure weren’t hilarious at the time).  No mom is perfect, but I know mine did the best she knew how.  She worked part-time so she could home school us, drive us to our basketball events and choir, and travel the world when my dad could get time off.  I wasn’t the most grateful child, though, and I can still remember my temper tantrums and hurtful words.  Even after I’d make her cry, she still loved me and gave her best for me.  Mom, thank you so much.  This one’s for you!

Thank You Mom
You held me 9 months
So safe inside
And eagerly waited
‘Til I arrived
Such innocence you held
In trembling hands
And entrusted my life
To God’s great plans
Thank You Mom

This young life you nurtured
We had such fun
And when you were tired
You weren’t done
If it took all day
Sometimes all night
You gave me your all
To show truth and light
Thank You Mom

Later years weren’t easy
My rebel times
I wanted my way
And wasn’t kind
Your limits were pushed
But with great care
You showed me true love
Patience and prayer
Thank You Mom

Now I’m all grown up
And know it’s true
I’m thankful God picked
A mom like you
I hope you are proud
With no regrets
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom
You are the best
Thank You Mom!

If God gives me a chance to be a mom, I hope I’ll be as loving, giving, kind, and fun as you are.



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