Herb Blurb #1 LAVENDER

Hello all!  I’ve been dying to share this post with you guys because I know a lot of you are really savvy with the essential oils phenomenon.  I personally am not savvy, but does it count if I’m totally interested in the concept of essential oils?  My husband has mentioned a time or two that I should get more into that stuff based on a few great experiences we’ve had.  Seed planted.  Hmmm.

Since dealing with burnout and now Chronic Fatigue, bouts of anxiety and waves of “wired” have been a common theme day or night.  Muscle tension even while sleeping was the norm for me, but I have to say that this little herb has really helped with these symptoms.

Sleep Problems? No Problem!
Though I’m not an expert (massive disclaimer!), I must to say that when I was having trouble sleeping, my mother-in-love had us try some of her lavender essential oil.  Mr. C. and I were both skeptical at first, but after putting a few drops in an oil diffuser for a couple nights, we were believers.  We’ve had some of our deepest nights of sleep in lavender bliss!

Uncontrollable Muscle Tension and Clenching?  Say Ta-Ta!
Later on, I freaked out a new dentist by how much of my jaw bone I’ve lost due to 15+ years of clenching and grinding at night (among other poor dental habits when I was young and dumb).  I was threatened with drastic measures and sent to a specialist.  Though my oral hygiene issues were actually under control by then (all of my bone loss occurred when I was overseas), I still freaked out!  It was time to take measures into my own hands, so I did the only thing I could think of: I used lavender oil.  At night I rubbed a smidge on each side of my jaw and hoped for the best.  What do you know!?!  I woke up for the first time in forever without sore muscles, aching bones or painful teeth!  Though I’m pretty sure using lavender oil every night has mostly cured my clenching, I still wear my night guard because the key word is mostly.  But still, that’s high praise for lavender power!

Stressed?  Lavender is the BEST!
It’s also calmed me down from a panic attack or two.  Like I said before, with the fatigue comes energy spikes and crashes, both of which can trigger a panic attack if I’m not careful.  In fact, one time I was starting to get on the panic attack train when Mr. C. rushed to grab our precious lavender oil and hurried to dab some on my face.  After one (hyperventilated) breath, my body relaxed and the panic attack was gone!  Yay!

So What’s the Deal With Lavender?
Lavender has been used as a calming herb, mood enhancer, insect repellent, skin soother, pain reliever, digestive aid and much more for centuries according to my research.  I can’t personally vouch for any of those benefits other than lavender’s super-calming affects, but if you’ve experienced any of these other benefits, we’d love to know!

I’m definitely a Lavender Amateur (So I’m not Sure/What it can Cure….!), but if you’ve been dealing with this kinda stuff, maybe try dancing through a lavender field or stuffing dried lavender in pouches to put all over your house.  Give lavender a chance, and if you do, please tell me what happens!

Need some gift ideas? (Here come some affiliated links!  Kick backs that I may receive will help me continue this blog!)

  • Try some dried lavender
  • Or get lavender-filled aromatherapy sachets
  • Everyone loves a good bath to chill out.  Try out these all-natural lavender bath salts.
  • If you want to buy lavender essential oil, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with some amazing reps who are near and dear to me.  Once you have the oil, consider this fun, color changing oil diffuser.




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  1. Susy

    Could not agree more with Lavender healing affects <3 Thanks for sharing! Got some really great new tips THANKS to you Mrs C! xoxo

    1. Mrs.C.

      Fantastic! Let me know if you figure out any other ways lavender helps. <3 Miss ya!

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