What Happened During 60 Days of Plexus Slim + Progress Video

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my new supplements I’ve added to my protocol, but I thought it’s about time!

Starting on Plexus Slim

So, starting January 25th, 2018 I began my personal 60-Day Plexus Slim Trial during which I only added the Plexus Slim to see what all the fuss was about.

Within 5 days of taking a 1/4 dose, I got my routine blood draw, and was shocked when my usually HIGH cholesterol (220s-230s) dropped to 201 (normal upper limit according to LabCorp is 199, so it’s a win!). Also, my Pregnenolone which is usually way low and in need of supplementation was WAY high, and thus under Dr. supervision I was able to start weening myself off the adrenal support (which I’ve been dependent on ever since becoming sick).

By the end of the 60 days of Slim, I went completely off my adrenal supplementation, and have felt my energy (though still a bit low) stabilized. Here is a list of some of my health wins from those 60 days!

. no more sugar cravings
. less need to feed throughout the day
. eat half of what I normally eat
. tons of energy to the point that my husband says he doesn’t know me anymore since he’s only known me sick (which is so sad to me!)
. aches and pains basically gone
. brain fog basically gone
. no sugar highs or lows related to food or stress
. scalp hair regrowth (yay!)
. better moods

And to be clear, I still haven’t started any treatment for Lyme..it’s just been the Plexus Slim.

Here is an Instagram video I made covering the 60 days of Slim in 60 seconds :).  Honestly, the energy I was able to record this with is still shocking to me.  Is this really me in the video?  I’m still not used to the energy I have!

My goal now for this year is to be able to run again..specifically a 5K..and I haven’t yet run a step in 4+ years.  I should really start soon since it’s already April, but to be honest I’m a bit chicken.  Must. Face. Fears.

Some things to note about the Plexus Slim:

This drink mix addresses balancing weight and metabolism naturally by giving your body the nutrients and tools it needs to do it itself.  It’s not a fake stimulant.

Some Key Ingredients I am Fond Of

Xylooligosacharide is a powerful Prebiotic which are carbs that our bodies don’t digest that act as fuel, food or fertilizer for your Probiotics you are getting through food or supplements.

Stevia is an herb related to ragweed that is a healthy alternative to processed sugar since it is plant based, has 0 calories and is 200 x sweeter! Stevia does a lot of amazing things like helps with cholesterol and blood pressure problems, but I am particularly interested in recent studies that are showing that it could possibly be more effective than antibiotics in treating Lyme.

ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) is an important chemical naturally made in our bodies called an antioxidant which is well known for naturally treating diabetes, fighting inflammation and warding off free radicals and protects cells from damage. It turns glucose brought to our cells into the energy we need and then helps our bodies metabolism this fuel. It also passes the blood brain barrier to detox the brain and protect nerve tissue and has proved super helpful for stroke, Alzheimer and dementia patients. AND, what I’m really excited about is that is is also a natural heavy metal chelator…so detoxing WILL happen and you’ll feel so good!

Chromium is a mineral we all need to help get glucose to our cells. I know that when I am low in Chromium, I get Hypoglycemic often since the glucose in the blood isn’t getting turned into energy fast enough. Chromium works together with insulin and ALA as a dynamic trio. While it helps get glucose(energy) to our cells, insulin lets the glucose into the cells and the ALA works on harvesting the energy we need in the cells.

Slowly introducing Slim Into Your Protocol

Because of the components that help with detox, I recommend taking it SLOW. Some people are fine jumping in on the full dose while others like me need to start with 1/2 or even a 1/4 dose for a while. It all depends on how toxic your body is.

Detox Symptoms I had include: congestion, bloating and tummy aches, headaches, skin breakouts, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and sleep issues.
The key is to drink lots of water and make sure you are eliminating (if you know what I mean) regularly, otherwise you’ll feel like I did!

Body changes are going to happen as your glucose metabolism becomes healthier. Hormones, energy, bodily functions and even brain function is all affected by glucose metabolism, so enjoy the process, but don’t be too hard on yourself during this healthy transition!


No, I’m not changing my blog into a Plexus platform, but I do want to check in every once in a while with my progress this year.  I’m just so excited about my health success in the last couple months and maybe my story can encourage others on this journey <3 .  Let me know if you have any success stories!


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