DIY Sunscreen: Toxin-Free & SPF 20

I’m welcoming summer with open arms, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.

Since embarking on my toxin-free body care experiment this year, I had been a little apprehensive about summer and the sunscreen products that go with it.  When my husby and I went camping a couple months ago, I hadn’t come up with any toxin-free alternatives to my normal sunscreen, so I decided to go without…and reaped the consequences!


But for Father’s Day (family BBQ and pool party), I was prepared!

I got burned still, but only on one place on my arm that I forgot to get.  The bright side is that it proves this stuff works!

This recipe was created after studying quite a few DIY recipes online, thinking through the ingredients I had on hand, and tweaking ratios based on research I did to ensure the correct SPF (to the best of my abilities) I wanted.

Here are some basic parameters I found useful (but I encourage you to research these for yourself!)

• 20% non-nano zinc oxide in your mixture will give you full UVA/UVB coverage and about SPF 20

• Don’t breath in the zinc oxide and wear a mask (though the stuff is so heavy it doesn’t “poof” in the air like flour does)

• Refrigerate between uses and freeze the amount you want for next year


Without further ado here’s the super easy DIY Sunscreen Recipe!


In a double broiler set up, melt together (I used a mason jar on a pan with water):

• 1/2 cup olive oil

• 1/4 cup coconut oil

• 1/4 cup beeswax (or vegan alternative)

• 1/4 cup shea butter


Once these are all incorporated, take the mixture out of the water and carefully add

• 1/3 cup Zinc Oxide

As the sunscreen cools and sets, continue to mix here and there.  Refrigerate (not necessary. I just like to make sure it lasts forever) until needed!


You welcome!


Please comment on any tips, questions or ideas you have!




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