Let Me Introduce Myself


I’m very excited to chat about beating burnout not only because I’m living it, but because I know so many others are too.  Though I’m not at all an expert in fatigue recovery, and I’m even less of an expert at blogging (Yikes! Please pardon any hangups with my site.), I try my best and would love to read your feedback and stories.

Since birth I was always a very competitive gal–the perfectionist, Type-A, get-it-done, high energy kind.  When things seemed too challenging or impossible, I trusted God to make way, and He would.

Well, imagine my shock when I finally worked myself to exhaustion.  I saw the signs, and felt God nudging me to rest more, but as always, I kept pushing through.  Burnout and now Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Lyme aren’t things I’d ever wish on anyone, and if I could do it all over, I wouldn’t want to go through it again.  However, my faith has been refreshed and strengthened in ways it could never be before (It’s like that saying,”You don’t really know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have”), and I’m so thankful for God’s special care during this time.  I’m hoping this blog will help refresh others like me!

All the food sensitivities that have characterized my experience has made me somewhat of a clean cooking fanatic.  I always loved playing with my food, but now I really do!  I’ll share some of my favorite food creations here with you, so please visit again.

Other than cooking, I like crocheting, puzzles, dates with my Mr. C., and making friends and family smile with simple things.  Resting and time management are now big parts of my hobby list as well, and definitely habits I’d love to talk more about with you guys.

Please don’t be a stranger.  Send me a comment and check back soon as I’m sure there will be something here for everyone.  Thanks for stopping by!