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Black & White Bean Marble Cake: Vegan + Grain-Free
Yikes!  A vegan, grain-free, BEAN Marble Cake? Now she’s really gone too far!  Going out on a limb with this
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New Year, New Diagnosis: Lyme Disease
Chronic illness has taught me to live a little more on the edge than I’d normally be comfortable with. It’s
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How Do You Measure A Year? The Yearly Check-Up
Oh 2017, how can you be measured? (Ok, I just have to do this because I can’t get the song
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Vegan, Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie
Now, to finish off my pumpkin collection of 2017, I absolutely MUST share a pumpkin pie recipe with you.  This
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Paleo Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake (With Sensitivity Substitutions!)
So, I love baking cakes and I love making (Dairy Free) ice cream.  However, I never mixed the two, until
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Easy Carved Watermelon Easter Bunny Fruit Bowl
Happy Easter everyone! Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love celebrating just about anything (so, this one time I had
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Paleo “Corn” Bread
This one is for all you Paleo Patrons!  Going Paleo doesn’t change our meat courses as much as it affects
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Slow Cooker Beef Stew (with Paleo & Allergy Tips)
As you’d notice from my last recipe Way Easy Chicken Bone Broth, nothing quite makes my taste buds high five
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Way Easy Chicken Bone Broth
Winter.  Cold.  Windchill.  Numb toes and fingers.  What does all this remind you of?  That’s right, BONE BROTH!  I’ve been
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Lessons in Faith
Herb Blurb #1 LAVENDER
Hello all!  I’ve been dying to share this post with you guys because I know a lot of you are
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The Cost of Freedom: Remember Warriors of Faith
This is a note to all my family of faith, and a special shout out to those who find themselves
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Challenge for the Chronically Ill: Go Easy on Loved Ones; Go to God
Hudson Taylor is one of my heroes.  My favorite quote by him is, “It matters not how great the pressure
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Easter: Saved By His Life
Slowing down isn’t a natural skill of mine–though since my burnout I guess I’ve had a crash course on the
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Peace Through Burnout: Navigating Burnout-Related Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Depression
To be honest, it has taken me a few weeks to write this post.  Painful personal memories have been tough
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I Will Fear No Evil
Mornings can be rough, can’t they?  Even before getting sick I wasn’t ever really into mornings.  Nowadays it’s even more
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Recovering Health
The Sabbath: Rest and Worship
Oh rest, how beautiful you are!  I am so SO thankful that I can rest and recover like I am
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Book Review: The Adrenal Fatigue Solution by Fawne Hansen with Dr. Eric Wood
I am excited to finally be able to share this gem with you!  So, I really wanted to get this
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Film Review: Unrest
Seeing Unrest–It Was Worth The Effort A week before the film Unrest was scheduled to be shown at our theater,
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Burnout Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Beginning Symptoms
Hindsight 20/20: The Beginning of My Journey with ME/CFS
I’ll be honest. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is no walk in the park. It’s been 4 years since I became sick,
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Jesus Calms A Storm: A Bible Story + Good News About My Health!
Sunday’s church service was hugely powerful for me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life and my illness that I forget
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Antibiotics vs. Yeast-Based Probiotics: A Review On Saccharomyces
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