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Homemade Pumpkin Puree + Tips for Quality Control
If you’ve been following along these last few months, you’ll notice that pretty much every post I’ve done of late
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Perfectly Roasted Pumpkin Seeds + Nutrition Facts
In October, Mr. C. and I went on a date to the local pumpkin patch (read the story and learn
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Of Cookies, (no) Water, and THANKSGIVING
Yesterday.  What a day! You know, I always say to myself that I will make it a point to REST
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Pumpkin Picking for Pros!
It was the perfect pumpkin picking weather, and the perfect time of day for Mr. C. and I to visit
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Lessons in Faith
A New Thing
This is it!  My first blog post.  Deciding on post content is kinda hard.  Do I stick to sharing objective
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Recovering Health
Lyme and Cilantro Lime Chicken
This post contains affiliated links through which I may be reimbursed for purchases.  Proceeds will go to support this blog! 
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Learning To Desire God’s “Better” Through Pain + 4 Reflection Questions
So, remember my confession last time that I had blueberry fever?  Well, as a side note, after eating most of
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Book Review: Strains of Silence By Bethany Kaczmarek
This is my first book review and I am so excited to share this gem with you! I hope to
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Herb Blurb #1 LAVENDER
Hello all!  I’ve been dying to share this post with you guys because I know a lot of you are
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The Cost of Freedom: Remember Warriors of Faith
This is a note to all my family of faith, and a special shout out to those who find themselves
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Challenge for the Chronically Ill: Go Easy on Loved Ones; Go to God
Hudson Taylor is one of my heroes.  My favorite quote by him is, “It matters not how great the pressure
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